Deep Sea Sports Fishing

The natural wealth of Gran Canaria’s waters have made the island one of the finest destinations for this fishing discipline anywhere around the world. The natural conditions have led to the local waters gaining a range of records certified by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). The huge variety of captured species have led to records being broken, with a wide range of different species including Blue Marlin, Billfish, Albacore, Bigeye tuna, Atlantic Tuna Fish, Barracuda and White Tuna, among others.

This abundance of biological species goes hand in hand with the island’s favourable climatic conditions, which allow enthusiasts to do their favourite sport all through the year, although the best time of the year for catching bicudo fish and tuna is acknowledged to be between May and December. Throughout the year the island plays host to a range of sports fishing competitions, with sports harbours located at the south of Gran Canaria. The area specifically between Punta de Maspalomas and Punta del Descojonado (La Aldea) is the hub for sports fishing on the island, as there are so many different species to be found there.