Gran Canaria, a nautical tourism destination

The 236 kilometres of coastline that wraps itself around Gran Canaria is the perfect hotspot for sea enthusiasts. The ideal winds for sailing, sea currents that favour the existence of large shoals of fish, stunningly beautiful sea beds, and year round Spring-like temperatures are just some of the natural conditions that make Gran Canaria a truly superb nautical platform, open all through the year.

For all this, Gran Canaria has developed a fully encompassing infrastructure and facilities that allow for the development of a range of different nautical activities, plus the celebration of important sporting events, such as the departure port for the Transatlantic ARC Regatta, and the PWA Gran Canaria Windsurfing Grand Slam.

Gran Canaria has many perfect enclaves for visitors to enjoy an endless array of sea activities, from areas with optimum climatic conditions for sailing, to select locations with waves that have made Gran Canaria one of the world’s Windsurfing mecas. Added to this is the island’s the huge range of biological and ecological marine settings, whose sheer beauty is sure to captivate all those who decide to dive around its waters.